Today is the start of the Lent season and many people will be giving up something for the next 40 days. We have heard some interesting ones but some of the most common ones include not eating chocolate, no dessert, no alcohol, no fast food and/or no red meat. Giving up something that you enjoy for 40 days can be challenging-for some even impossible. We all start with the highest expectations but as the days pass, our resolve can weaken and we give in to temptation. Maybe a better idea would be to begin with moderating our intake instead of complete restriction? We talk about moderation often here at Fit-EST. Moderation in food, drink, fitness (a separate blog on this one coming soon)…pretty much everything. We live in a society where if a little is good-then a lot is great but we know that mindset can get us in to trouble quickly. What, if anything, are you giving up for Lent? Have you given up things before? Why? What is the hardest part about giving it up? Have you been able to quit something that you thought was bad for you? What is the craziest thing you have heard of someone giving up? We would love to hear from you!