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Every person has their own, unique pair of feet and for every pair of feet there is a pair of sneakers best suited to fit their athletic and comfort needs. Some feet require more support, some need more cushioning and others require less of both. Many athletic injuries begin with your feet and incorrect shoes. Finding the right balance between support and stability is key to preventing these types of injuries.

For Flat Feet…
Because flat feet tend to pronate, or roll toward the inside, you will need a athletic shoe to maintain your stability. Sneakers which promote stability and mobility should fulfill your needs. If you experience pain in your feet while exercising, you can also add custom-made shoe inserts to correct foot issues.

For High Arches…
Because high arches are by definition the polar opposite of flat feet, you will have opposite needs. This means finding a flexible sneaker to minimize impact to your arches. Flexible athletic shoes with a soft midsole absorb shock. Finding sneakers promoting flexibility and cushioning are your best bet keeping your feet comfortable while exercising.

For Neutral Feet…
If you have normal feet, you can choose from a wide variety of athletic shoes. But stay away from extreme options, offering a lot of cushioning or motion control. The muscles in your feet should be actively working to promote strength in leg muscles and joints.

Your individual feet are as unique as your fingerprint. Your needs aren’t the same as the next guy, especially when it comes to exercising. Equipping yourself with improper or ill-fitting footwear can lead to discomfort and soreness, limiting your potential to excel. Wearing the right shoes will ensure your comfort over an extended period of time, contributing to your overall fitness goals.

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