Stamina Training
The ability to sustain prolonged physical effort is known as stamina. Synonyms for stamina include endurance, strength, energy, determination, tenacity, perseverance and grit.

Most people want to build their stamina, and that’s a good thing. When you work toward increasing your stamina, you’re able to handle sports and exercise activities better than someone who does not make an effort.

What are some tips for increasing stamina?

First, consider what you put into your body on a daily basis. Are you eating healthy foods, avoiding fat while still incorporating carbohydrates for energy? Having a low-fat, lean meat diet complete with several servings of fruits and vegetables can help increase stamina much better than a steady diet of doughnuts, french fries and soda pop. If you can, avoid soda pop in favor of drinking lots of plain water. Considering that your body is mostly made of water, did you know that you could lose quite a few pounds by avoiding sugary/caffeinated drinks and instead switching over to water as your main drink everyday? Water also helps your body deal with muscle fatigue in a smart way. Muscle tissue needs a steady water intake in order to perform as intended. If the muscle tissues are not getting the water they need, they may not perform as well. Meanwhile, it’s a good idea to have several small meals throughout the day. Try going with six small meals a day instead of two or three.

Next, make physical activities and exercises your priority. The more active you become the higher your overall energy level will be over time. Doing cardiovascular exercises (aerobics, dancing, biking) and strength-building workouts (push ups, sit ups), such as the ones offered at M.TRAIN, can help build stamina. In particular, M.TRAIN offers a full body cardio-focused class that’ll not only get your heart pumping faster and harder, but also burn fat and increase stamina. You’d be amazed at how your body can transform thanks to high-energy, quick workouts.

Finally, choose activities you enjoy doing so you’ll stick with them rather than give them up after only a few times. If needed, bring along a friend who can keep you somewhat accountable and motivate you to keep pressing on even when the going gets tough. Don’t try to overdo it at first. It takes time, energy and effort to build stamina. Work toward your goals and gradually increase your own challenges when things get too easy to do. Eventually you’ll be able to lift heavier weights, run on a treadmill faster and for longer periods of time than before, and have an upbeat, ready-for-anything attitude.

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