I am so grateful to Matt for all that he has done for me, and, more importantly, my whole family. When we started working together I had my doubts about whether this could be a long term relationship as we were working out at 4:30AM twice a week and at a more reasonable hour on Saturdays. The fact that Matt never once missed a pre dawn work out was truly amazing given how early he had to get up to get to my house. But he made those pre dawn works out both highly effective and truly enjoyable. He was always cheerful and ready to go. My level of conditioning continues to improve because of his guidance and I never got injured in the process. I think that Matt’s focus on cardio, strength and balance has transformed me today and is likely to pay great benefits as I age. I am also grateful for all the work Matt did with my family. Matt was the only trainer who was willing to work with my 81 year old mother who greatly improved her strength and balance over the years she has worked with him. There have been several instances where my mother certainly would have fallen if she had not been working with him so much on her balance. We were so impressed with how he helped me and my mother that my children started working with him as well. They loved his sessions as he made them fun. My youngest son dramatically improved his strength and coordination which his PE teacher had expressed concerns about and my older son continued to develop a broad variety of skills to help his quickness and strength. Matt’s insights into their athletic development helped us get them the assistance they needed. What I think makes Matt so distinctive as a trainer, though, is the mix of professional expertise and genuine concern about the best interests of his clients. That is rare among trainers and business people broadly. I truly enjoyed every workout with Matt.

Dan D

“RESULTS, ENERGY, FUN! That’s the best way to describe M.TRAIN. I started working out with Matt McDonald about 3 years ago and I am in the best shape of my life!!!!! I lost all the weight gain from having 3 children and it wasn’t a small task as I would gain between 40-50 pounds each time. I’ve had trainers before but never one who would give such a hard work out while making it fun and keeping you motivated. Loving it!!!!!!”

Anna D.

“I recently began training with M.TRAIN and I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with the results. While I always considered myself fit, I now realize I am in the best shape of my life. Since beginning with M.TRAIN I have taken all of the fitness classes and private personal training sessions. The trainers have demonstrated the ability to make the sessions tough yet still maintain a level of fun mixed with high energy. All of the trainers develop the most creative exercise routines keeping in mind my goals. They stress safety and proper body positioning at all times and are very quick to adjust the workout if they need to. Their flexibility creates a relaxed and fun atmosphere while maintaining a level of professionalism that is rare in most gyms. The results are amazing!!! M.TRAIN has changed my life in so many positive ways!”

Lisa D.

“I started training with Matt McDonald almost 7 years ago. I always look forward to my sessions, because I know he will give me new challenges every week. He is constantly studying, and passing his knowledge on to his clients. Matt’s upbeat attitude makes me WANT to come in every week. I am guaranteed a fun challenge!”

Michelle K.

“Thank you for introducing my family and me to M.TRAIN. As a gym rat for many years, I’ve got to share with you my initial doubts that this system would have any benefit whatsoever. I was wrong! This is truly a remarkable strengthening and conditioning technique all in one. I would be amiss if I didn’t address one other component of this training method and that’s the instructor. You add not only the instruction for this technique, but make it worthwhile and, yes, fun to boot. It takes both components to make this an exciting training technique-and indeed, you go beyond the limits in doing so.”

Art P.

“M.TRAIN Works!!!! It’s efficient, creative and motivates you to keep going back. I have been working out with M.TRAIN for the past 11 months, originally introduced to it by my wife. I live in Weston, commute to the city and have two active boys so have very limited time to workout. When I started working out with M.TRAIN I needed to break out of my workout rut, lose weight and was on the verge of yet another knee surgery. After 3 months I had dropped 20lbs and was re-energized to be in the gym given no two training sessions are the same. Eleven months later I am keeping my weight off, my conditioning and strength continues to improve and haven’t needed knee surgery (a direct result of the personalized exercises created for me). It’s the best and most efficient training program I have come across.”

Dave S.