M.R.T (Metabolic Resistance Training)

This dynamic class is the ultimate triple threat, combining cardio, strength & flexibility. M.Train utilizes everything from foam rollers and yoga flows to athletic cardio drills, strength training and functional movements to improve muscle strength and mobility while getting the heart pumping and making you sweat. This hybrid method of training will improve movement and sculpt your muscles while shedding fat to help you get shredded! All fitness levels welcome!


This hard core, skill-based class raises the bar when it comes to strength training. In this small group workout we train smart and prioritize form so you gain all the benefit of strength training without unnecessary risk. M.Train utilizes a combination of weights and compound movements to improve muscular strength and endurance while optimizing your gains. Intermediate to advanced level class.


This upbeat class is a total body cardio experience that will make you MOVE! M.Train utilizes high intensity drills with short recovery periods to optimize your workout and take your cardio session to the next level. This fast-paced method of interval training is fun, exciting, and one of the most effective ways to shed fat while keeping your body strong & toned. All fitness levels welcome!


This relaxing class is the perfect way to unwind, kick up your feet and chill. M.Train utilizes the meditative practice of Yoga Nidra to cool down after an intense workout and restore your body and mind from the stresses of every day life. This method of yoga promotes deep rest and relaxation while enjoying the comfortable yoga position of shavasana (corpse pose) and the many benefits of this practice including, reduced stress, decreased muscular tension, enhanced concentration, breath awareness and improved sleep. All fitness levels welcome!