Muscle Mass
Young men often like to work out at their local gym in order to build muscle mass, especially on their arms, so they can flex their biceps to lure the ladies at the beach each summer. That said, building muscle mass is not just a thing for young men to do– men and women of all ages should do it.

Why is it important to build muscle mass? While it generally makes a person look more attractive, there’s even more to it. Did you know that building muscle mass helps strengthen your connective tissues? This, in turn, increases your bone density. You’re literally making yourself stronger such that it’s harder for your body to be injured. Also, later on in life, the more muscle mass you have, the less likely you’ll get osteoporosis. If you think of your body as a mode of transportation, do you want a bike or a tank? The tank should be preferred because its better protected and can handle a lot more challenges over the years.

Some of you might not want to make your body tank-like, and don’t worry– you don’t have to be that extreme. But, keep in mind this idea: building muscle mass increases your metabolic rate. Therefore, the more developed your muscles, the more calories your body will burn because those muscles utilize the calories you take in. So, in essence, muscles are great for your overall health and shape.

In addition to burning calories, building muscle mass also benefits a person’s blood-sugar control, their balance, and even their mental health.

Finally, as a person ages, they tend to lose muscle in their body. It makes sense, then, to combat that by building muscle mass “sooner than later.” Strength training overall can help a person live a healthier life into old age, with stronger muscles and bones than their peers who didn’t take the time to work out.

The quickest way to build quality muscle mass is to work with an expert who will provide you with the guidance you need to obtain the results you seek. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable, but friendly trainer in Westport, CT, contact or stop by Fit-EST today.