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This holiday season you are going to be faced with plenty of temptations to eat foods that will make your waist expand and, the numbers on your scale increase.

For men, this is the time of the year they can add unwanted weight and expand their “beer belly.” For women, December’s indulgences could mean having to buy a new wardrobe come the New Year, at one size bigger to accommodate wider hips and cellulite. Egads, December is a tough month for all!

So how do you avoid gaining unwanted weight this holiday season? Start with not having easy access to the foods you know pack on the pounds. If you don’t go and buy lots of pre-packaged cookies and muffins and sugary treats from the store, and you don’t have them in your cupboards at home, readily accessible, then you’re not going to go over the top because the snacks you love aren’t physically available. Nice! Oh, and if you can drink less sugary drinks and more water, that’s ideal.

Next, when you do go to a holiday party and eye the cake, the pie, or the plate of cookies, instead of telling yourself “I’m only going to eat celery and carrots,” decide to limit your portion sizes of all the foods you’d like to eat… that way, you’re still getting to eat foods you like– even cookies, for example– but you’re just not eating huge portions. Limiting your calorie intake by psychologically deciding to stop at 1 or 2 cookies for the night can help you avoid gaining unwanted weight. It’s often easier said than done, but by utilizing strong discipline, you can avoid that awful guilty feeling later at night or the next day.

Finally, as difficult as it is to find time during the holiday season, you need to exercise. Even if it means parking the car where you’ll have to walk a little extra to get into the mall, or getting up early to go to the gym before work or whatever it takes to get your body moving during these weeks, the message is the same: move that body.

Fit-EST is here for you if you need some accountability, as well as personal training, workout ideas and nutritional advice.

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